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The Tower of London

After Ampersand won a £60m contract with Historic Royal Palaces, the Tower of London – which has stood for more than 900 years – is just one of several renowned palaces that will benefit from our experience in hospitality.
If the ravens leave, the kingdom will fall: this is just one of many legends surrounding the Tower, which has held illustrious prisoners such as Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Anne Boleyn fast within its walls. Once it was even home to a Royal menagerie, with lions and tigers roaming the grounds. If the walls could speak at the Tower, it’d undoubtedly be even more fascinating than it already is.

It’s the perfect backdrop for your event and we can cater for almost any occasion. The infamous White Tower is an impressive entertaining space and the Martin Tower is available for intimate dinners. Recently restored, the New Armouries also has state-of-the art conference facilities and can accommodate up to 150 delegates.

We also plan to develop the Tower’s catering offer and open a destination waterfront restaurant, with a menu that pays homage to its character.  

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Inevitably, the Tower is full of surprises. You can entertain your guests pre-dinner with a private viewing of the Crown Jewels or a captivating Yeoman Warder tour. Or you can stand witness to the ancient Ceremony of the Keys, the traditional locking up of the Tower. This ritual has taken place every night for at least 700 years – even during the Blitz.
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