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Our creativity and passion shines through in every delicious bite.
Chris and Mei's Laid Back Summer Wedding at ZSL London Zoo
Mei and Chris met through a mutual friend on a night out after their A Levels, 11 years ago. A laid back pair, the couple had only one criterion for
ZSL London Zoo’s Mouthwatering BBQ Pulled Pork
There’s nowhere quite like ZSL London Zoo when barbecue season comes around, so it’s no surprise that the zoo’s chefs are excited to share this tasty treat straight from the
Duo of Gressingham Duck - The Royal College of Surgeons
When VIPs at the Royal College of Surgeons requested a late lunch with a bit of ‘wow’, Head Chef Leon Papworth know exactly what to do. With an astoundingly swift
A Bevy of Biscuits from The In & Out
The origins of most modern biscuits can be found in the ship’s biscuit or "hardtack”. You can find evidence of early biscuit making and consumption as far back as Ancient
Creating a bride’s day for Sassi’s Holford’s Exclusive Couture Preview Show
Recently we had the privilege of working with celebrated bridalwear designer Sassi Holford as she showcased her 2014 Couture designs at The In & Out. To create the menu for