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Strawberry Fields for Ampersand

Ampersand Operations Manager JC Roumignac recently had an opportunity to visit one of our suppliers, Haygrove Sidlesham Ltd. This family run business provides us with many of the top quality berries we use in our dishes.
This medium sized soft-fruit farm, located about five miles south of Chichester, is owned and run by husband and wife team Nick and Kathy Evans; producing strawberries and raspberries, they pride themselves on their efficiency and quality of product.

Pack-house Manager Justin Slade showed JC around, explaining the picking, packing, ordering, labeling and dispatch processes. All the fruit is hand-picked, separated and checked during harvest, he explained, then sent to a chilled warehouse within two hours.
It was amazing to see just how much thought, care and effort goes into every aspect of the business

It was amazing to see just how much thought, care and effort goes into every aspect of the business, and the precise, careful handling enjoyed by every piece of fruit. Nothing is left to chance.Around midday, JC met with Nick Evans for a stroll through the strawberry greenhouse. A chat with Nick and his wife Kathy revealed just how much passion this family has for its produce. This drive for quality and perfection in their business was heartening, especially as it is the same drive we all share at Ampersand.

Their strawberry season is in April-May with a second crop in September. During the winter months, the fruit hibernates, but as soon as the weather improves the plants perk up again, ready to begin producing again in late Spring. Raspberry season, meanwhile, occurs in June, July and August, making raspberries a perfect summertime treat!
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