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Prestigious Sustainability Award for Ampersand at Wakehurst Place

Ampersand has landed the prestigious ‘Best Sustainable Supplier’ award at the annual Footprint Awards for our DVC catering at Wakehurst Place.

These awards acknowledge outstanding sustainability achievements throughout the foodservice supply chain. The team at Wakehurst delivers stellar work, and we are thrilled to see their contribution to Wakehurst’s wider sustainability initiatives receive this recognition.

We serve 440,000 visitors at Wakehurst every year, from two dining locations, as well as providing catering for weddings, concerts and other events. The sustainability initiatives at Wakehurst Place really are second to none, and we at Ampersand have made every effort to ensure that we match their ambitions in the food and drink that we serve.

In 2013 the Wakehurst team ensured that:

  • 66% of its food and drink was sourced in the UK, much of it from local producers
  • All food waste was made into compost on site
  • 90% of received waste was recycled
  • Electricity usage decreased by 4%
  • Total waste production was reduced by 285m³ year on year
  • Landfill/incineration formed 33% of waste
  • Recycling reduced CO2 emissions by 2,978kg
  • Water usage decreased by 50% and only 3% of usage is unaccounted for

In addition to this, landfill-type waste is now being used for reclamation energy whenever possible, we use the UK’s most environmentally-friendly linen hire and laundry service, and our crockery has the lowest carbon emissions of any ceramic tableware in the world.

If anyone would like to see how we have combined faultless service standards with award-winning sustainability initiatives then please do visit us at the Seed Café or Stables Restaurant.

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