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Mammoth Event at the Natural History Museum

Last week, Ampersand Events helped launch a new exhibition at the Natural History Museum that explores the life of one of the largest creatures ever to walk the earth.
“Mammoths: Ice Age Giants” features several exhibits never seen before in the UK, including the most complete woolly mammoth ever discovered.

Two hundred and fifty specially invited guests gathered around "Dippy" the Diplodocus in the Hintze Hall (formerly the Central Hall) for an exclusive preview, with Ampersand providing an Ice Age inspired menu.

This menu included: Dino Eggs with Earth ‘Dirt’, Black Citrus and Sesame Salts; Rare Roasted Rib-eye with ‘Mammoth Bone’ Chips; Foraged Dandelion, Wild Garlic, and Carrot Top Salad: and Snowballs with Toasted Grains. For dessert guests created their own woolly mammoth ice creams topped with mammoth wafers, chocolate "dung balls", snowballs, coulis and sauces.

This is a landmark event for the Museum, its trustees, donors, corporate sponsors and members, patrons, and supporters, so we had one chance to get this right. I’m pleased to say that we have done justice to the wonderful exhibition by launching it with style and sophistication. Go see it soon!

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