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New Ampersand catering receives the seal of approval from some of ZSL London Zoo’s most discerning residents

Yesterday giraffes and penguins at ZSL London Zoo received the Ampersand experience when we offered them silver service with a difference just ahead of the opening of brand-new eatery The Terrace Restaurant. 

Our executive chef Gary Devereaux served up custom dishes to attain the animals’ seal of approval before The Terrace Restaurant opens its doors to Zoo visitors on Friday the 19th of July.

The Zoo’s trio of giraffes chomped down freshly prepared carrot and cabbage canapés, while the charming residents of Penguin Beach sampled beautifully presented capelin fish, served to them by Gary. The animals all seemed delighted with their specially made treats, a perfect example of how we always tailor our menus to suit our audience!

We can’t wait for The Terrace Restaurant to open so that we can test our human menus on up to 700 hungry visitors, both indoors and out! With its amazing views of ZSL London Zoo, from Penguin Beach to Gorilla Kingdom, our new restaurant offers an inimitable setting, as well as wonderful range of meals, drinks and snacks.

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