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The cutting edge of food...

Flavour is the cornerstone of every dish but once we have that perfected, we see no reason not to turn great food into incredible food. With scientific expertise and state of the art modern techniques, we excel at creating dishes which bowl you over from the first glance to the last bite.

Our chefs are experts at creating dishes which not only delight with their texture, flavour and cohesion but that will amaze your guests with their incredible innovation and visual wow factor.

Head Chef Lukasz is our molecular master and has amazed and delighted client after client with the wild and wonderful creations he produces with his culinary skill and technical wizardry.

No job too technical, no job too big...

One of our chefs’ most proud creations is their beetroot meringues. These dainty little delicacies are incredibly hard to master, but our team are able to produce them perfectly every time. To make a meringue from beetroot, you need to harness some modern culinary wizardry, including using high foaming xanthan gum to keep everything together and create the perfect texture.

Another favourite is our olive oil powder, one of our "deconstructed dressings”; with a little molecular magic, we can powderise any dressing, creating a finish which is full of flavour and often a surprise to guests.

At a party to celebrate the Royal College of Arts's 175th anniversary, we were tasked with creating canapés for 400 people; our chefs did not flinch when it came to producing amazing molecular dishes for such a number. The inspiring canapés served that evening included our beetroot meringue, filled with goat's cheese and served with olive oil powder.

The methods are modern and the ingredients have futuristic sounding names, however, all of our molecular techniques can be achieved using all natural products – it’s just the techniques which come straight from a sci-fi film!

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