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Ampersand is excited to launch our new wine list! We hunt for exceptional quality and outstanding value across the globe, our new list has been refreshed to reflect this. Our pricing reflects the very best value to suit every budget and have held the price of many wines in the face of inflation, and a duty increase

We have plucked bottles from both the Old and New Worlds, selection from the most famous and familiar areas whiles staying away from brands. We hope that there is ample choice for all, satisfying the refined, traditional pallet, and of course the more modern pallet. We want it to be easy and straight forward for you to find the right wine for your function; we are always willing to personally advice and source alternate wines should they be required.

The full Ampersand list is available on request: we also have our own private cellar which we are always happy to search out and price fi ne wines for that special function given a budget and a little time. We hope you enjoy your search for the right bottle, but of course enjoy drinking it even more!

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