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A Taste of our Partnership with Ollie Dabbous

We were so excited to recently launch our amazing new partnership with Ollie Dabbous, and we can’t wait to bring our superb Signature Menu to the plates of our clients and their guests.

Ollie recently came to The Hub, where he spent two days with us, personally training our chefs on how to immaculately deliver the Signature Menu. This was the first part of the training for the team, who will also have the privilege of joining Ollie in the kitchens of his restaurant, Dabbous.

During the two days, the chef team created the full Signature Menu, and then we in our sales team were lucky enough to play judge and taste the fruit of their labours. It was so exciting to see the menu we’d all been thinking about for so long brought to life. And we can definitely confirm that each dish tastes every bit as amazing as you would expect!

It was a brilliant time in the Hub; our chefs were full of enthusiasm and seemed truly inspired and motivated. They can't wait to put the training into practice and create the dishes for a Dabbous event.

"It’s been an absolute privilege to work with Ollie Dabbous, and to welcome him to our ‘home’ the Hub”, says our Head Chef Jamie Cairns. "This partnership is incredibly exciting for me, both on a personal and professional level and I can’t wait to see how it will help Ampersand continue to reach new heights, both in and out of the kitchen.”

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