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The Year in Desserts: Our Top Five Pastry Chef Marvels

We’re just over halfway through now and already it has been quite the year for Ampersand Events. When we look back at the highlights, a common theme quickly emerges – incredible desserts! It seems that the Ampersand Events team is united by a sweet tooth.

In the words of Charles M Schulz,

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”

Words to live by! A bit of chocolate and sweet stuff doesn’t hurt at all, in fact, it makes our days brighter and better. We all loved it when the door would creep open and our talented pastry chef Andy would peer in, knowing he was about to make our day with another delicious concoction he had created.

Of course, it didn’t stop at the office. He absolutely loved to challenge himself to create awe-inspiring dishes for our events too. Despite seeing his expertise every day, we never failed to be amazed by the wonders he concocted for events.

Here are our top five:

1. The Double Dessert Surprise

While helping a couple plan their wedding, we discovered the groom’s son hated panna cotta. Disaster – that was the dessert choice on the menu. But sticky, gooey and completely delicious was his preference. So Chloe conspired with Andy to create his two favourites – sticky toffee pudding and banoffee pie – just for him and serve it as a surprise. The look of utter delight on his face was the perfect illustration of why we do our job.

2. A Cosmos of Sweet Inspiration

An adventurous client asked for themed dessert canapés for their launch event at the Natural History Museum’s Earth Hall. Of, course it wasn’t hard to find inspiration in the incredible celestial themed room, and we created a galaxy of planet cake pops. They were a huge hit, all devoured or snuck into handbags to take home for the kids.

3. Next Stop: Pudding Mill Lane!

We took our clients on a sweet-treat trip during our jolly to the London Transport Museum. It’s one of our favourite venues, as the clients love playful, creative food almost as much as we do. Our bus stop brownies, edible zebra crossing and chocolate ganache traffic lollies were absolute traffic-stoppers.

4. No More Cake Dilemmas

One of our brides fell in love with our lavender and Earl Grey cheesecake (it’s easily done) but she had her heart set on serving her beautiful wedding cake as dessert. So we created a petit four version of the cheesecake, allowing guests to taste this special delight but still have plenty of room for cake.

5. Fun Dessert, Serious Message

Doing our bit for the environment is second nature to us, but we love to push ourselves to find creative ways to tackle green issues. At the Footprint Awards, we created an edible allotment of chocolate and marzipan fruits served in recycled disposable containers. We wanted to demonstrate the impact of catering on waste and that food can be both fun and environmentally friendly.

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