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An ‘Out of this World’ Event for National Geographic Channel

It’s hardly a secret that we love creating bespoke menus, so when an enquiry came through from FOX and the National Geographic Channel to help them launch their new series Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey we were in our element!

The office went into hyperdrive, with the sales team and our executive chef dreaming up a perfect space-themed menu. Our efforts weren’t in vain, as our lovely clients could hardly conceal their delight at the menu tasting when tray upon tray of space and science-themed canapés appeared.

The Natural History Museum’s Earth Hall was the perfect venue, and the 150 guests were greeted warmly by our staff with a Prosecco reception. Then the fun began as we shared our canapé creations: crab meteorites with wasabi mayonnaise, chilli and chorizo ‘Rocket Dogs’ with fresh rocket; space eggs with black sesame popping salt; ice-cold pea velouté served in test tubes and parmesan and pesto stars.

Even our classic canapés came with an ‘out of this world’ twist! Our Ampersand mini burgers with tomato salsa, mustard and cheddar had been vacuum packed for our space explorer guests. Each guest was invited to cut into their own vac-pack and enjoy a hot burger just like an astronaut. Surrounded by outer space touches such as our earth and moon plates, they might have been fooled into thinking they were on a mission to Mars!

The moon-landing moment had to be our desserts from our very own scientist of sweets, our pastry chef Andy. Fluffy marshmallow clouds that melted in the mouth, planet pops covered in popping candy space dust, honeycomb meteorites, and aerated chocolate moon rocks were just some of the galactic delights in store! Excited gasps from our guests lasted mere moments before these treats were devoured at light-speed.

There’s really nothing like creating such a custom-made and memorable event, it’s what makes our job so exciting! And if we’re lucky, perhaps the marshmallow clouds will become a regular feature…

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