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Taking Your Wedding Food Outside the Box

At Ampersand we always love to think outside the box, come up with something different and not conform. This is abundantly clear to anyone who visits our kitchen, a creative space bustling with innovation and bursting at the seams with ideas! We relish those times when we are able to put all of our research and experimentation into practice, and often it’s a wedding that allows us to do just that.

Few events are such true expressions of personality as weddings. A wedding day is all about the bride and groom, who they are and what they stand for. As food becomes more and more important in celebrations and couples strive to make their day as individual as they are, we are seeing more menus being chosen that veer away from the norm.

Serve up a feast in mini-buckets to bring some colour into your wedding menu.

Take our bride and groom at Chiswick House this year. This couple wanted a relaxed village fête feel with a variety of foods stalls so that guests could pick and choose. The couple had a young daughter and as a result there were 40 children attending. Their theme, complete with traditional games taking place outside, was a perfect choice to keep everyone, adults and children alike, happy and entertained. The scrumptious stalls they chose were traditional Cornish pasties, fish & chips, British BBQ and an ice cream stall for a final treat. It was fun and inspiring to talk through all their ideas with them and the finished product was an absolute pleasure to create!

How about a Cornish pasty to spice up your menu?

When another couple came for their tasting, it quickly became apparent that they didn’t enjoy fussy food. When we asked what they enjoyed most, they said green salads, spaghetti bolognaise and burgers – all those family favourites. Upon exploring further, it came apparent they were in fact huge burger fans. When we initially suggested they consider incorporating this into their menu they were horrified – surely they couldn’t serve a burger to their parents’ friends? So we decided upon the compromise of offering a restaurant style service.

A Feasting Table filled with love and understanding, and tasty morsels!

Guests were able to place their food orders on the night. Many did opt for our Ampersand burger, served in a lightly toasted brioche bun with vintage cheddar and sliced beef tomato, crisp lettuce, onion rings and triple cooked chips. Others chose a more traditional dish of roasted fillet of sea bream, with saffron braised new season potatoes, broad beans, peas, gem lettuce and a wild garlic and parsley gremolata. Where there is a will there is an Ampersand way and we will do our best to help you!

Artisan burgers for a non-traditional wedding breakfast.

On another occasion, the groom’s son confessed he didn’t like his father and stepmother-to-be’s choice in dessert – if he had his way they’d be serving banoffee pie and sticky toffee pudding! So, when dessert was served on the big day, he was ready to be disappointed. The look on his face when he was presented with a duo of his favourite desserts, which we had made just for him, was priceless and a moment we’ll never forget.

Our Alice in Wonderland Dessert Station, full of creative desserts.

So, as you can see, we never shy away from doing something different so why not challenge us for your wedding day!

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