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Creating a Tea Party fit for a Mad Hatter with Story Events

We recently teamed up with Story Events to create a magical Alice in Wonderland inspired "Mad Hatter’s tea party”, laden with delicious treats and surprises, hosted at our exclusive venue space within our new Hub!

The Ampersand Events team pulled out all the stops to create a magical tea party fit for the Mad Hatter himself, including white picket fencing, a vibrant green lawn area, tea-cup cocktails, smoking tea pots, and even a visit from Alice herself!

Of course the magical canapé menu was perfectly themed for the occasion. It included "Queen of Hearts” parmesan shortbread playing cards with gazpacho jelly, "The Carrot” (smoked ham, Montgomery cheddar and béchamel croissant), goat’s cheese hearts, smoked salmon and horseradish mille fuille sandwiches, and our "Drink Me” pistachio milkshake served in miniature milk-bottles.

Our Executive Chef wowed the audience with some of his craziest and most inventive sweet treats yet, including popping candy marshmallows; edible pebbles; a 12” chocolate clock, which one of the special guests was invited to smash; and a garden of edible candy mushrooms emerging from a chocolate soil base, sprinkled with popping candy and coconut dust.

This networking evening allowed us to demonstrate our creativity and enthusiasm through what we do best – food! Our Alice in Wonderland treats worked beautifully in our new event space, but we would be happy to recreate the wonder for you in any venue of your choice. We get excited when event bookers challenge us to deliver something innovative, engaging and relevant to their event or brand. Our bespoke approach to each event brief guarantees that you will have something tailored and unique to your event every time.

Most importantly, the showcase allowed us to further develop our relationship with the lovely Story Events sales team and  demonstrated how well our businesses can work together, striving for promising, bustling events future, whilst creating a wow-factor event for their key accounts.

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