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A Sensational Challenge with the Science Museum

We recently held our first Hub Challenge with the brilliant team from the Science Museum. We had great fun tasting our new Spring-Summer canapé menu and signature cocktails, followed by a Sales vs Operations Hub Challenge.

The Hub Challenge

The Hub Challenge is an exciting contest for the taste buds, nose and fingers, where the senses come to life to identify mystery items.

Smell Test:

For this challenge, we present an array of mysterious potions in identical bottles. The teams are challenged to identify the smell of each and to match corresponding scents together. We used some particularly distinctive and mouth-watering scents, including popcorn, smoky bacon and strawberry jam.


For the taste test we paired different varieties of the same food, with very similar textures, and asked our contestants to identify them. The line-up included: Pink Lady apple vs. Granny Smith, red pepper vs. green pepper, and red grade vs. green grape.


For this challenge, we asked the competitors to identify a series of edible items by touch alone: caviar, okra, sheep’s tripe, and olives.

It was a fantastic afternoon in the Hub, and a great chance to catch up with one of our venues' teams. All that time at the forefront of science has clearly paid off – they moved straight to the top of our leader board! Congratulations to the Science Museum!

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