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60 Seconds with an Inspiring Speaker

This month, with a focus on conferencing, we have been chatting among the team about who would inspire us in a motivational talk at a conference. So we put it to the office team, who would you want to see give a motivational speech at a conference and why?

Alex Hinch – Events Executive

I would like to see Karen Brady - I saw her speak at East Wintergarden last month. It was so interesting to hear how her career began and the obstacles she has overcome to get where she is today.

Chloe Martin – Sales Manager

I would love to hear Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry, and now Senior Vice President of Apple speak about her experiences. During her reign at Burberry she turned the business around, increasing the company value from £2 billion to £7 billion during her tenure. Now as the first female on the Apple Executive Team, she is the epitome of a strong female leader and has well and truly smashed the glass ceiling.

Francesca Montaut – Events Coordinator

I would choose Oprah Winfrey because of her ability and motivation to overcome hardship during her childhood when she was raped at an age of 9 & became pregnant by 14.

She has been rated as the most influential woman in the world and because of her support to the then presidential candidate Barack Obama, she delivered him over 1 million votes. She is the richest self-made billionaire woman and she would certainly have some stories to tell!

Natalie Mainwaring – Events Creative Director

Emmeline Pankhurst a leading figure in women's rights and key influencer of the suffragettes. Emmeline and her supporters are the reason that I have been able to lead a business and be an equal. To hear where she found the courage to do what she did and the reasons behind it for me would be inspiring. I champion women in the workplace and for me this lady championed women full stop!

Tuuli Luik – Office Manager

I’d like to see J.K. Rowling as she stayed true to her passion even when the conditions were tough. She has brought so much excitement and happiness to people’s lives ever since!

Zoe Benoit – Events Coordinator

I would love to see Sir Alan Sugar give a motivational speech about how he got to where he is today as I feel he is a great inspiration to young business men and women who want to build their own empires as entrepreneurs and do something out of the ordinary.

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