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Desserts to Dive Into

We believe that desserts should be a "dig in and enjoy” affair, spontaneous and whimsical, capturing the moment. Our guests want to get involved with their food, understand what they are eating and enjoy novel food theatre. And we love to oblige.

Dessert is the perfect time for a bit of drama, so we create dessert feasting experiences.

An eye-popping, mouth-watering table of delights in all manner of guises from a bed to space to… a Wonderland shower?! Curiouser and curiouser, but all in a day’s work for those whose occupation is creating memorable food experiences.

Of course these wonders look every bit as amazing as they sound, so let us stop the telling and start the showing. It is said that we eat with our eyes, so prepare for a feast…

A Museum on a Table

Leap from a gin-&-tonic glacier into a delicious white chocolate and coconut ocean, stroll up the almond shortcake beach into the edible allotment, then scale the Aero mountain into a cake pop space galaxy! With this dessert, we gave our guests a whole museum in delicious miniature.

Don’t Get Crumbs in the– Never Mind!

A luxury house in the heart of Waterloo. A bedroom screaming out for a purpose. A duvet cover decorated with treats like sugar-spun balls, fruit spheres which burst in the mouth, our signature cake pops, and a spectrum of tongue-twisting sauces. An outrageous bedtime that dreams are made of.

Eating in bed has never been so indulgent.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Shower

The Event Awards + eight judges + an edible Wonderland = an unforgettable evening.

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