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Rum and Sugar Bartenders have a Swizzle-off!

Representatives from El Dorado rum set the Rum and Sugar bartenders against each other to each create a "swizzle" cocktail using a particular rum.  The judge: our customers!

Our bartenders love making cocktails and with over 100 different rums behind the bar at Rum and Sugar are always trying new things to develop the best cocktail list they can. A little bit of competition between the bartenders is healthy of course, so our friends at El Dorado rum set them a simple brief: Make a swizzle cocktail using El Dorado Rum.

While most people think of a bartender with a cocktail shaker vigorously shook above their head, the key with a swizzle is to stir the cocktail with a swizzle stick, a subtle difference but the key part to this competition.

And who better to judge this competition than our discerning customers? For a month the selection of cocktails were available to buy and whoever's cocktail sold the most would be declared the winner!

Bar manager Chris' cocktail was perhaps the most adventurous.  Served with chocolate, this was a rich and complex drink, made all the more unique with a cover of applewood smoke.

Each bartender had a lot of fun making these cocktails and we like to think that the customers had just as much fun trying them all.  In fact it's been such a success for the bar that this has continued - the next month was a cocktail competition based on Kraken rum and currently the team are competing to see whose Halloween cocktail will trump the others.

So who won the swizzle competition?  Well you'll just have to watch the video above and find out!

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