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Chef’s Table at Rum and Sugar

Our restaurant in Docklands, Rum and Sugar, is enjoying a successful run of "Chef’s Tables”, a new concept for the Restaurant.  At any restaurant you are usually spoilt for choice - but this is something you don’t have to worry about at a chef’s table!
Head chef Eddie Banks created the entire Rum and Sugar main menu in miniature, including all three courses. This not only gave the guests a chance to sample the amazing range of flavours that Rum and Sugar has on offer, but Eddie was on hand to talk the guests through each item, the process in creating it and his inspiration for the menu.

The duck egg fritter was a favourite. An egg encased in breadcrumbs and fried just enough so that when the crispy outer is cut into a warm yolk oozes down onto the bubble and squeak it rests upon. "A quick hollandaise!” Eddie joked, but he was being somewhat modest as getting the fritter cooked just right has taken much practice.

This was no mean feat to prepare as despite the miniature size of the dishes the preparation and presentation still takes the same amount of effort.

That’s not a problem for Eddie though, who takes pride in preparing everything in house at Rum and Sugar. He believes in taking time with a dish where necessary. For example, the smoked duck breast with duck confit tortellini, where the duck confit is cooked for 3 days before it is ready (This is done in advance, of course!) Another example is the Suffolk pork belly - braised for seven hours. The result is a tender, juicy and flavoursome dish served with rich black pudding and seared king scallops.

In between the tasting courses however the guests were entertained by the bar manager, Chris Gutierrez, talking through a flight of rums. Chris is our Rum expert at the bar, which now has an impressive 100 different rums behind the bar. He has a knowledge of them all and most importantly for the Chef’s Table, which rums pair well with the food being served. Many commented on the 12 year aged dessert Rum, with a rich sweet flavour and the perfect compliment to the rum based desserts that were on offer.

The Chefs table has had some great feedback so far and Eddie is hoping to continue with more as the menu is ever changing with the seasons.

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