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Paul Williams, General Manager and Ampersand’s Bar & Liquor Ambassador

Paul Williams, General Manager at Rum & Sugar on West India Quay, has brought a great wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world of cocktails, spirits and beers to the company, and we have been delighted to appoint him our Bar and Liquor Ambassador.

Paul grew up in the famous rugby town of Pontypool, South Wales. He began his career in hospitality with a variety of roles in West End Nightclubs whilst in college. It wasn’t long before he was hooked and made the tough decision to pursue a career in hospitality rather than his original dream of acting.

Paul is responsible for the great success of Rum & Sugar, our bar and restaurant by Canary Wharf. Rum & Sugar is one of London’s most significant rum bars, with over 150 rums listed. Training is paramount to Paul’s business philosophy; you can ask any member of the bar team about an individual rum’s background and they will know all the nuances.

As our Ambassador, he has worked with several of our businesses to introduce new and interesting spirit brands, with gin being the feature at The Perkin Reveller and both gin and rums having a focus at the bar in the Naval and Military Club. He has become a rum aficionado to whom other drinks experts now turn to for advice. He is glad to share his wealth of knowledge, speaking at national food and beverage conferences. Paul has developed new rum based cocktails and started his famous rum master-classes to share his passion.

Paul is a champion of responsible drinking and attends focus groups run by the Health Secretary and has addressed MPs on the role of alcohol in society. He has recently become chairman of West India Quay Bars Association, which ensures all bars apply best practice in serving the community

Before his move to Ampersand, Paul worked at Neville Abraham’s Groupe Chez Gerard, a French brasserie and for Balls Brothers Wine Bars and Restaurants, known for their fresh British seasonal menus. He was particularly attracted to the Museum of London Docklands thanks to the fact that there is both a commercial site and an events business under one roof.

Paul likes to spend his free time cycling, swimming, watching rugby and looking after his chickens. His dream food holiday would be to the south of France to eat anything and everything on offer.

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