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Science Museum

The Science Museum is the ultimate destination for science and technology and Ampersand are proud to cater for this British institution.
Founded in 1857, the Museum houses a world renowned collection, presenting the evolution of science throughout history and showcasing the cutting edge in modern scientific thinking.

Their impressive range of galleries allows a whole host of events to take place, from corporate events and conferences, gala dinners and award-ceremonies, to weddings and special celebrations.  Wow clients with a presentation from the giant IMAX screen, stage a seated dinner under Amy Johnson’s "Gipsy Moth” in the flight gallery or turn a sophisticated drinks reception into an event which is truly out-of-this-world by setting it amid the rockets, satellites and space probes of the Exploring Space gallery.

Every space is striking and, thanks to our award-winning, creative chefs, you can be sure that Ampersand will invent a menu to match the unique environment and the mood of your event, no matter which setting you choose.

Venue Secret

Many will remember Launchpad from their youth; a special exhibit which makes science, technology and engineering interactive, it would be the highlight of any field trip. Giving guests a chance to relive their childhood sense of wonder and experience that "Eureka!” moment during events in this unique setting guarantees an event that few will ever forget.
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